Mercedes-Benz 350 SLC (C107) ‘1972 10702312003772
First registration 12.10.1972
3.5 litre M116.980 petrol V8 engine
Automatic transmission
Icon Gold metallic color
Black leatherette upholstery
17,800 €

In 1971, Mercedes introduced the successor to the legendary Pagoda, the sporty hardtop-roadster of the Mercedes W113 series. Almost 50 thousand units of the Pagoda had been sold, so the model series was continued for a reason.

The new open model that started production in April 1971 was named SL. The four-seater coupé replacing the W111 model with a hard roof that followed in October was based directly on the open version. Compared to the convertible, the wheelbase was up to 36 centimeters longer and the coupé was named SLC. In the case of the Pagoda, SL or super leicht had referred to a light sports car, but the new generation was developed in parallel with the new S-series and, despite its sleek design, was especially intended for pleasant highway speeds rather than only sporty driving.

The chassis structure of the new sports models was borrowed from the W114 series middle-class sedan, to which the M116 and M117 series V8 engines were adapted. Three-speed and, later in the 1980s, four-speed automatic transmissions were offered as options. Some models were also available with a 4- and later 5-speed manual transmission.

The W107 generation models became a success and sold well, especially in the United States. With the exception of the Mercedes G-series, the 107 generation became the generation that was continuously in production for the longest time, the convertible model was made from the beginning of the 1970s until the end of the 1980s. Production of the Coupe model ended much earlier, in 1981.

This car in question is an October 1972 first registered SLC 350 V8 with automatic transmission. The car was brought to Finland from Germany in 1998. In 2001, the car ended up in the hands of Mercedes enthusiast O. Erkinheimo, who restored the car. The body was refurbished and the floor panels renewed with the original floor panels. Body was repainted with the Mercedes Icon Gold color. The engine’s timing chain was renewed and the gearbox was refurbished.

O.Erkinheimo owned the car for 15 years, until it ended up in the hands of the current owner, J.Salo, in 2016. The car is still in a tidy and impressive condition, despite minor paint flaws. It has been taken good care of and enjoyed regularly in the summer times.

The car is registered as a museum vehicle and the inspection is valid until July 2024.

Located in Tampere, 2 hours from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Views by appointment.

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