Austin-Healey 3000 MKII ’1963

Chassis nr. H–BJ7-L-23361
Body nr. 59282
Engine nr. 29F-RU-H/4108
First registration 04/1963
Red leather upholstery, black canvas top
2.912 cc – inline six engine with two SU carburettors.
Original Overdrive
Registered as a historic vehicle, Mot/Tüv inspection valid until 07/2024
1st owner in Finland 2016–
Complete restoration at Grips Garage 2013-2016. Restoration thoroughly documented.
British Motor Industry COA, original Title, Drivers handbook.
– Sold to Czech Republic –

The Austin-Healey car brand was born in 1952 as a result of the collaboration between BMC and Donald Healey. In the same year, the British Motor Company was also born as a result of the merger of Austin and Morris. Austin and Donald Healey wanted to offer a sports car specifically for the North American market. Donald Healey had won the Monte Carlo Rally with Invicta in 1931 and made a name for himself as a designer of Triumph and Riley sports cars. After the Second World War, he had established his own car factory, where cars were produced for Tickford and Duncan, for example. The conditions for designing a successful sports car were there.

In 1952, the first sports car designed by Austin and Healey was presented at the London Motor Show. Donald Healey’s son Geoffrey Healey and Barrie Bilbie were especially responsible for the the new sports car. Gerry Coker helped with the design. The engine was an Austin straight four with two carburetors that pushed the sports car to a top speed of 100 mph. The car was initially named Healey Hundred, which was soon updated to Austin-Healey 100. After its release, the car was constantly developed and its power readings and driving characteristics improved.

In 1956, Austin-Healey received a new, six-cylinder, 2600cc engine. The body of the car grew in length and the look of the front changed with a smaller grille. The name of the model became 100–6.

The Austin-Healey 3000 was introduced in 1959. The name of the model came from the increased displacement of the engine. The car was an immediate success and Pat Moss won the Liege-Rome-Liege rally with the car in 1960. In 1964, Finns Rauno Aaltonen and Tony Ambrose won the 1961 Austin Healey in the Spa-Sofia-Liege rally of more than 5,500 kilometers, 90 hours continuous, with a superior , more than half an hour ahead of Swedish Erik Carlsson. Austin–Healey’s role in motorsport history is still undeniable.

The Austin-Healey 3000 MKII was introduced in 1961 and the BJ7 Sports convertible model on sale in 1962. The sports car’s innovations included e.g. winding windows and small side windows of the windshield.

This car was manufactured on April 8-9, 1963 and sold new by the Austin–Healey dealer in Royston (Georgia, USA). In 2013, the “Big Healey” was bought in Finland in project condition from the USA by Grips Garage, which specializes in repairing and restoring British classic cars. The car was bought in project condition by V. Okkonen, who wanted Grips Garage to do a complete restoration for the car.

At Grips Garage, the car was taken apart and completely restored. The Austin-Healey body was stripped to bare metal and restored. The chassis subframe was renewed. The car is a complete Matching Numbers and its original engine and transmission were disassembled, machined and rebuilt with new parts. The car’s brakes, wearing parts of the chassis and the suspension as a whole were renewed with new original parts. The body’s chrome was completely renewed, only the windshield frame, which has remained in good condition, is original.

The interior was completely rebuilt, with the shades and shapes of the original red upholstery. The body of the car was finished in the original black/red tone and new chrome wire wheels were installed, just as this particular car had when it left the factory.

The car has been driven about 5,000 kilometers since the restoration and the owner has kept a driving log. The car is really impressive as a whole, the restoration is top class and the car can withstand close inspection.

The engine runs and the transmission works perfectly and the car is simply great and really pleasure to drive without any flaws. Austin-Healey will be sold with recently serviced and ready to drive.

Registered as a museum vehicle, inspection valid 07/2024.

The car is located in Vantaa, views by appointment.

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