Clasanteri is a company specialising in buying, selling and restoring classic cars. For restoring the cars we use selected partners who bring the story of the vehicles back to life. Our classic cars are delivered to you safely and affordably no matter where you are. 

why do we do this

Dedication for cars is in our genes

In my childhood I had the privilege to sit on the velour seats of a Range Rover Classics on the way to school and to the summer cottage for summer holidays. That experience and my family’s dedication for cars has led to irreversible results. In my case it’s called Clasanteri. 

The devotion for cars runs in the family. My father got it from his uncle, who became known as the mechanic for the rally legend Timo Mäkinen. He tuned the Minis that brought the first wins in Monte Carlo race to Finland. Also in my father’s career British cars have played a huge role and by the looks of things I’m not an exception. 

I have worked with cars during my whole career. I have worked as a car journalist in different media, gained experience in a car shop and developed and commercialised mobility services. At the same time my own beloved classic car hobby has taken me to this point. 

The world is changing and so too is our daily travelling. The classic cars are important because their unique history is filled with our personal stories, intriguing technology and amazing driving experiences. Even if technology is going further classic cars are the first thing that people want to save and restore – some people are even turning them into electric cars. In many cars the original technology has such an important role in keeping the value and character that it’s not an option to update it.

The aim of the classic car is not to solve future mobility, but to bring pleasure and restore a part of the culture. History has shown that classic cars are also good investments, for money and for you who want to collect and enjoy about the moving sculpture and unique driving experiences. The classics are never forgotten.

Santeri Petrell

Jaguar MKII 2.4 Litre manual  ‘1966

– Sold to Turku, Finland – In the 1950s and 1960s, post war in Finland, the Jaguar really was a luxury for a few. This car has only been in three families since the new.

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Land Rover Defender Td5 ‘110 Station Wagon ‘2002

– Sold to Västerskog, Finland – Land Rover Defender 110 Td5 Station Wagon. Equipped for overlanding, challenging conditions and adventures. Thoroughly restored between 2020-2022. An authentic, real Land Rover.

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Range Rover 3.9 Efi Vogue Aut. ‘1992

Range Rover 3.9 Efi Vogue ‘1992, one of the last Range Rover Classics sold in Finland as new. Extensively restored and refurbished during 2020 and 2021. Where cars sold in Finland as new were usually equipped with just standard equipment, this car was already relatively luxuriously equipped at the factory: Original Bull bar, extra lights, side steps, sunroof and air conditioning. Festive car in original metallic Plymouth Blue.

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Rover Vitesse ‘1983

– Sold to Switzerland – In 1982, Rover decided to convert one of the SD1 factory race cars for street use and handed it over to Rover’s CEO for a drive. Soon after, the decision was made to make a fast and efficient street car for production. It name would Vitesse, in French fast.

This super rare LHD Vitesse has been completely restored and rebuilt between 2011-2012.

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Range Rover 4.6 Efi Vogue ‘1993

Last Range Rover Classic sold as new in Finland. Built for safari use. In 2021, the car’s engine and catalytic converters were renewed. The engine was upgraded to a completely new V8 Developments Rover 4.6 Performance engine.

Fresh Mot / Tüv inspection done in 09/2021.

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Range Rover 3.9 Efi Vogue ‘1992

In 1992, two Roman Bronze Range Rover Vogue’s were sold as new to Finland. The registration codes were AFV-220 and AFV-221. Long time ago, the AFV-220 was my first Range Rover personally. Now it’s the turn of the siblings better preserved AFV-221.

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MG B ‘1964

– Sold to Nürnberg, Germany – MGB is synonymous with the classic sports car. It was popular across class boundaries especially in the 1960s, and no wonder why. Its body was beautiful and light, and the car had excellent driving characteristics. This very early “Pull Handle” MGB was imported from Canada to Finland in 1989. The car has been completely restored to meet the original certificate from the factory.

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Range Rover 3.9 Efi Vogue ‘1990

– Sold to Helsinki, Finland – This ‘1990 Range Rover 3.9 Efi Vogue was as new sold by my dad 27th of September 1990 when he was working for Autorep, the official Land Rover dealer of Finland in 1980’s and 1990’s.

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Porsche 911 2.2 T Targa ‘1971

– Sold to Tampere, Finland – “The Targa combines the romance of a roadster with the practicality of the hard-top coupe. There is no car like a Porsche. And there is no Porsche like a Targa.”, advertised Porsche in early 70’s.

This 911 2.2 T Targa ‘1971 is perfect Matching Numbers and colors car with special history.

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– Sold to Helsinki, Finland – Mr. M. Vastinesluoma bought this Land Rover Series III as new in May of 1981. The car spent its first three years in Nokia, Finland and then Mr. U. Sorsakivi from Kiikala, Finland bought it 31.10.1984. Mr. Sorsakivi used it 14 years and kept escpecially good care of the Land Rover and serviced it annually until 1995 when he storaged it in his garage. The car was driven only 89 000 km’s. The car was storaged in his garage 23 years from 1995 to 2018, when he decided to sell it.

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Jaguar XJR ‘1996
– Sold to Helsinki, Finland – A beautiful and spry supercat, one of 6547. Impressive and immediate sportscar performance and Jaguar’s luxurious comfort and silence. Sporty but comfortable suspension. That is what Jaguar XJR is all about.
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Morris Mini 1275 ‘1977
-Sold to Helsinki, Finland – This classically beautiful Mini is a real driving pleasure and fun at its best. Equipped with a Su carburetor and suitably tuned, the 1275cc engine is perky and lively.
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Range Rover Suffix D ‘1976

– Sold to Switzerland – One owner Garage Find. Matching numbers, all original documents. After 25 years stood unused in its first owner garage, we got complete body off – nut & bolt restoration done on it. Sahara Dust with original Brushed Bronze Nylon interior.

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Land Rover Defender TD5 HCPU ‘2002
– Sold to Kirkkonummi, Finland – Dignified, original Pick-up Defender with original ¾ Cab fit sand colored canvas hood. From Lapland.
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Range Rover P38 2.5 DSE aut. ‘2000

– Sold to Espoo, Finland – Oxford blue with beige leather interior. Great example with excellent maintenance history.

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Land Rover Defender ‘110 TD5  ‘2004

– Sold to Helsinki, Finland – Land Rover Defender TD5 110′ Sw. Brown & British as its finest. This Land Rover Defender ‘110 has been rebuilt between 2019 and 2020.

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Land Rover Defender ‘110 Crew Cab TD5 ‘2004

-Sold to Espoo, Finland- Ready equipped for adventures, Bought as new from official Land Rover dealer Inchape Turku / Finland in 2004. Only two owners between 2004–2020.  

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Land Rover “86 Series 1 Station Wagon ‘1956

-Sold to Germany- Rarely stunning and original, left-hand drive Land Rover Series 1

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Range Rover 3.5 EFi aut. vogue ‘1988

-Sold to California, United States – In April 1988, my father sold a new Alaskan Blue Range Rover from Land Rover Dealer Autorep to Mr. M. Hoikkala in Kuusamo, Northern Finland. Last summer we bought this car back from its first owner and it is the best original condition Efi Vogue we have ever seen. Original engine has been refurbished in autumn 2020.

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Ford Escort RS2000 MKII ‘1978

-Sold to Netherlands- Not many cars as important when it comes to Finnish motorsport history as RS Escorts. Between 1976 and 1980, Ford produced only about 10,000 units of RS2000 MK II. This “Droop Snoot” was imported from the Netherlands to Finland in 2007. The car’s SOHC engine was completely refurbished in 2020.

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Range Rover Suffix C ‘1974

– Sold to Milan, Italy – The Range Rover Suffix C was sold new on 19.09.1974 at Autoliike Vanhanen in Rovaniemi, Lapland and it was one of 183 Range Rovers sold to Finland in 1974. During 2018 and 2019, the car was comprehensively refurbished with respect to its original character.

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Range Rover Vogue 4.6 Efi ‘1989

– Sold to Helsinki, Finland – This car is a real family member, it has been in our family 25 years since 1994. Engine has been updated to 4.6 Rover V8. Original ZF 4 speed automatic gearbox. Great classic even for daily use.

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Land Rover Defender 90 Td5 Soft Top ‘2004

– Reserved – Rare and original Land Rover Defender 90 TD5 Soft Top.

Land Rover that You can transfer a full convertible in a flash! The soft top roof is completely detachable, including all the support sticks.

The car has been sold as a new one to Finland from the official Land Rover dealer of Finland and registered on 08.06.2004. To our knowledge, there is no other original Defender TD5 90 Soft Top officially sold to Finland as new.


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Range Rover Suffix D ‘1975

“In the fall of 2018 I got a phone call from a couple of guys who had bought a farm house from an estate. In the yard they found several cars waiting to be restored, but the biggest surprise was waiting in the garage. A 1975 Suffix D – Range Rover had been standing there since 1977. That’s 42 years!

The car had been driven on its roof by the first owner. Then the Landlord, the owner  of the farmhouse had bought it after the crash from the insurance company. The car had only been driven 19 700 kilometers!!”


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Range Rover Suffix F ‘1979

– Sold to Berlin, Germany – This ‘1979 Range Rover was imported to Finland as new one by official Finnish Land Rover dealer Sisu Auto. At that time, Sisu Auto used to haul new cars to Finland as many as possible and this car was first time registered as late as in September 1981.

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Fiat 127 Special ‘1981

– Sold to Tuusula, Finland -This Fiat 127 Special was bought as new by T. Kauppinen from Hyvinkää on October 1, 1981. Shortly after acquiring the car, Kauppinen retired and due to the owner’s health problems, the car was mainly parked in the garage of his house and driven only few times in year. However, the car was inspected annually until 2014. The car was parked in the garage until fall 2021 when we bought it and collect it from the same garage where the car was very mostly been since 1981. In 40 years the car was driven less than ten thousand kilometers!

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Range Rover P38 4.6 V8 HSE ‘2001

– Sold to Lahti, Finland – Dignified and original Range Rover P38, with 4.6 V8 engine and HSE equipment level.

The car has been sold as new to the Netherlands from the official Land Rover dealer ACS Hilversum. The car has been in the same Range Rover enthusiast family in Finland since 2015.

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Mercedes-Benz G 300 GD ‘1985

– Sold to Läyliäinen, Finland – The very first W460 -series G 300 GD is same time very simple and agricultural as very smooth and refined to drive. This exceptionally original and rare ‘1985 9-seater G 300 GD was originally sold to Norway.


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Land Rover One Ten V8 County ‘1986

– Sold at RM Sothebys’ Paris auction 2021 –

1 of 3 Land Rover 110 V8 County sold as new in Finland. Stunning, very original condition with refurbished original engine. 

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Range Rover ‘1985

– Sold to Paris, France –  Range Rover Classic from 1985. Original 3-door with a V8 carburettor-engine and a 5 gear manual gearbox

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Land Rover Series IIa ‘1963

– Sold to Paris, France – Unrestored Land Rover Series II in great original condition. Original chassis, body and paint. The original 4 cylinder 2.25 liter petrol engine has been restored. Five owners since 1963.

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Range Rover ‘1978 Suffix F

Original Barn Find, Sold to Joensuu, Finland. 

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The aim of the classic car is not to solve future mobility, but to bring pleasure and restore a part of the culture. History has shown that classic cars are also good investments, for money and for you who want to collect and enjoy  the moving sculpture and unique driving experiences. The classics are never forgotten. “

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