BMW 850 Ci ‘1990

Chassis no. WBAEG210X0CB03890
5-liter V12, automatic transmission
First registration 28.12.1990
1 owner 1990-2023
Driven 35,000 km.
All original documents
100% unrestored original condition, comprehensively serviced and overhauled in 2021.
– Sold to Modena, Italy –

BMW spent more than 1.5 billion German marks to develop the successor to the commercially successful E24 generation 6-series. The development started already in 1981 and the body designed by Klaus Kapitza was almost ready for presentation already in 1986. However, the presentation was postponed, because the cars of the E24 generation were still being sold well.

Finally, the BMW 8 Series was presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 1989. It was not a direct replacement for the E24 generation 6 Series, but a one step more luxurious, larger, more streamlined and more capable also in terms of performance. The Grand Tourer class BMW was introduced with a 5 litre V12 engine and automatic or manual transmission. Later in 1992, the V8-powered 840 Ci and the 5.6 liter 850 CSi V12 also became available.

The car itself was a progressive success, but its introduction to the market came at a challenging time – the recession of the early 1990s, the Persian War and the continued rise in energy prices. BMW had also planned a sporty M8 version of the 8 series, but when sales of new cars declined, the plans were abandoned. All in all, only 30,609 cars of BMW’s 8 series, i.e. sporty flagship models, were sold by 1999.

The car in question is one of the very few 8-series BMWs sold as new in Finland. The car was bought new at the beginning of the 1990s recession by Finnish car collector who drove the car only 34,500 kilometers in just under 33 years until the beginning of October 2023, in many years only for technical inspection. The car has been stored indoors and has been serviced regularly. All original documents, including the service book, are kept.

The car’s documents also include tax stamps, some 1990s commercial catalogs and brochures that have been carried with the car.

BMW’s original, unused set of winter tires stored in storage are preserved with the original aluminum rims.

In the years 2020-2021 (33-34,000 km), the car has been thoroughly serviced and overhauled for use: All ignition parts have been renewed in the car – including the distributor cover, rotor, spark plugs and plug wires. The fuel pumps and the Lambda sensor have been renewed. The contact disk of the airbags has been renewed. The BMW has been thoroughly serviced, where the fuel lines have been cleaned and the fuel filter and engine oils with filters have been renewed.

BMW’s flagship drives superb. The engine runs smoothly and there is a lot of humble V12 power. The gearbox works perfectly.

The original Brilliant Rot red paintwork is in excellent condition as You can expect according to the kilometers. The interior is like a new car. The hands free device is installed without drilling holes and can therefore be removed without leaving any traces. All of the car’s electrical equipment, such as cruise control, seat heaters, electric seat adjustments and electric windows, work as they should.

An exceptional, 100% original BMW flagship with an interesting and unique history. A great collectible youngtimer classic, ready to enjoy.

The car is located in Vantaa, 25 minutes from Helsinki–Vantaa Airport. Views by appointment only.

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