Jaguar MKII 3.8 manual + OD ‘1960 215385
4-speed manual gearbox + overdrive
First registration in 1960.
Imported to Finland from US.
Old English White
Red leather interior, wooden trim finishing.
Registered as a historic vehicle. Mot/Tüv inspection valid until 07/2024.

Led by Sir William Lyons, a revolutionary car was born in Coventry, UK in the late 1950s: the Jaguar MKII. The car was advanced, with a unibody and disc brakes. Particular attention had been paid to the car’s silence, vibration damping and a comfortable but sporty suspension. As the Jaguars motto, launched first time with MKII said: “Grace, Space, Pace”.

The end result was a luxurious and sporty large mid-size sedan. A representative car the kind of bank robbers stole as an escape car. And a capable four-door sport saloon that succeeded also as a racing car the kind that German competitors like BMW and Mercedes could only dream of at the time.

This 1960 Old English White Jaguar MKII has been brought to Finland from California, USA. The previous owner was J.M. Lipscomb who lived in Oakland. The current owner, K. Luttinen, bought the car in 2013 in project condition, and the Jaguar has been thoroughly restored during his ownership.

The body of the car was completely restored at Anttola’s Autokorjaamo between 2014 and 2018. K. Luttinen acquired a body frame imported from the USA from Y. Bremer / Old Cars World, which was restored in the body grill and replaced in its entirety in place of the original rusted one. The restored body was painted throughout in the original Old English White shade.

The interior upholstery was completely renewed with original materials, including the floor mats and the seats as a whole. The roof upholstery was renewed. The wooden parts of the interior were renovated.

The car has been restored and serviced in repair shops specializing in Jaguars over the years and it is also in very good mechanical condition. Over the past few years, among other things, the rear wheel bearings have been renewed, the exhaust manifold has been coated, the wiper mechanism and the windshield and windshield washer tank have been renewed.

In the fall of 2022, drive shaft and rear brakes were renewed. The handbrake was also restored. In the spring of 2023, the car’s headlights and wiring harnesses have been renewed. The engine ignition has been adjusted, the engine oil has been changed and the rear and gearbox oils have been checked, the nipples of the chassis parts have been greased.

The car’s original 3.8 liter straight engine purrs smoothly. The gearbox and overdrive work precisely. The power of big block XK-inline six is still there and the car is festive to drive.

The car is registered as a historic vehicle and the next Mot/Tüv inspection is in July 2024. The Jaguar has had a Classic Data report with a rating of 2 in 2018. A very beatiful and well-mannered specimen ready to be enjoyed.

The car is located in Vantaa, 25 minutes from Helsinki–Vantaa Airport. Views by appointment.

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