Land Rover One Ten V8 County ’1986

3.5 Rover V8 Carburattor engine
5 Speed manual gearbox
Slate Grey with original Tapes
Original Owner’s instruction book, original Broschyre, Historic vehicle documents
Passed Historic Vehicle inspection
Mot/Tüv until 6/2021
Good History,
1 of 3 Land Rover 110 V8 sold as new from Autorep, Helsinki.
Only 187 000 km’s

When we talk about Land Rover One Ten V8’s, the very usual question is “there is not any in Finland, is there? There is not many of them in anywhere.” But as we know, if there is some car made more than one piece, the another one is here in Finland…

Not many were sold here, though. Actually only three Land Rover 110 V8’s were sold as new to Finland. This is one of them and only one that still exists in totally original condition and has passed the historic vehicle inspection. And oh boy, what car it still is.

This Slate Grey Land Rover One Ten V8 came to Finland with another new Land Rovers in 12.10.1986. Ship was called Arcturus. The car was sold as new from official Land Rover dealer Autorep and the first owner of the car was Mr. Kukkonen from Helsinki. Since then the car has had only few owners and they have taken very good care of it and driven totally only 187 000 km’s.

The Land Rover One Ten was introduced in 1983, but we can still find it from the peak of the original Land Rover evolution: Land Rover derived the permanent four wheel drive system from Range Rover, as well as coil spring suspension and Rover V8 engine. Five speed LT85 gearbox still enables the highway speeds with extraordinary comfort. And when the travel gets grips with steep, soft, rutted or slippery terrains, there is two speed transfer box with lockable central differential to certain that the joyrney continues with the self assurance.

This ‘1986 One Ten V8 County really multipurpose vehicle as new and that it is still: The original interior with seats for nine person, is in impressive condition. The original chassis and body have been taken good care of and the original chassis is rustprotected and in very good condition.

Between 2017–2020 car has been refurbished with the respect to its great original condition:

  • Repainted with its original Slate Grey colour and finished with original County stripes
  • Engine has been refurbished with new camshaft, hydraulic lifters, timing chain, sprockets and waterpump. Carburattors has been refurbished and adjusted.
  • Exhaust has been totally renewed
  • New alternator and battery
  • Clutch main cylinder renewed

The car looks stunning inside and outside and runs perfectly. Refined burble sound and perky power of V8 together with the agricultural originality of Land Rover is something unique.

Very rare and collectible Land Rover ready to drive and enjoy.

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