MGB GT ‘1972

1.8 liter, 4-cylinder in-line engine with two SU carburettors
Chassis No. GHD5245191G
Engine. no. 18GG-RWE-H24844
First registration 01.04.1972.
MG red with black fabric / faux leather interior.
Brought to Finland from Germany. Museum registered in Finland in 2001.
Serviced and refurbished in 2021 in the Grips Garage, which specializes in British classics.
– Sold to Helsinki, Finland –

MG B is considered synonymous with classic sports cars. Introduced as an open model in 1962, the MG B was joined in 1965 by a 2 + 2-seater Coupé, the MG B GT designed by Pininfarina. The car’s 1798-cubic four cylinder in-line engine produced 95 horsepower and the car did 0-60 mp/h in about 11 seconds. The MG B GT combined in a new way the coupe’s beautiful lines, the performance of a sports car and the practicality of a family car.

This 1972 MG B GT was imported to Finland from Germany at the turn of the 1990s and 2000s. The car was museum registered in Vaasa in 2001 and was privately owned until 2016. In 2021, the car was sold by British car enthusiast and bought by Grips Garage’s O.Åvall.

Over the last years, the car has been refurbished with new CSI’s electric ignition and new radiator. The brakes have been refurbished with more efficient brake shoes and pads. The engine has been serviced.

The MGB GT’s technology is the original B-Series engine with two SU carburettors. The car’s engine runs smoothly and the transmission works properly.

The body of the car and black fabric / faux leather interior of the car is in good condition. Small marks of use and aging in paint. Perfect car to use and enjoy.

The car has been inspected until 2025. Beautiful British sports ready to enjoy.

The car is located in Vantaa, 30 minutes from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Displays by agreement.

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