Morris Mini 1300 ‘1977

Chassis number XL2S1N-1064008B
1275 cc with SU carburetor
Disc brakes in front
Two tone metallic Green colour
Recaro front seats
Two owners. Current owner since 1987.
Driven only 80 000 km’s.
– Sold to Vantaa, Finland –

Fast, beautiful and agile, the original Mini!

The original Mini was designed by Alec Issigonis to answer for the need of small and economic cars. In late 50’s there was shortage of a fuel caused by Suez Crisis and the small German Bubble cars were popular in UK, even where imported cars were still a rarity. The headstrong and autocratic head of the British Motor Company, Leonard Lord, did not like the situation and wanted to offer the rival for the small German-made Bubble cars. He decided that BMC would design and produce a decent, really small family car. In 1959 Mini was introduced.

This classic beautiful Mini is a real driving pleasure and fun at its best. Equipped with a Su carburetor and suitably tuned, the 1275cc engine with performance camshaft, is perky and lively. The car is surely fast enough to drive and the engine pulls nicely through the rev range. Engine and other Mini’s updates are rebuilt by Mini specialist Juha Kaivo-oja / Huutijärven auto. Sporty suspension encourages you to enjoy the curves of the windy roads.

Current owner J.Pietarila bought the car in october 1987 from his friend, who had just bought the only 10 year old Mini from its first owner. The car was in totally original rust free condition.

The car has left the factory as a Morris Mini 1000 MK IV, but it has been updated during J.Pietarila’s ownership with respect for its originality. The Mini is also registered for the bigger 1275 cc engine. Brakes in front have been updated to disc brakes with power brake booster. Exhaust has been updated to sport exhaust and it sounds just right.

Interior is updated with recaro sport seats. Original seats, steering wheel and grill are preserved as well. The sale includes also a set of period correct Dunlop wheels.

Everything is in very good and healthy working order: Lights, heater, engine and electrics. The body is is still in great and original condition. There are no rust problems and the car is very solid also underneath. Stylish two-tone metallic green color combination: Original light metallic green with dark metallic green boot, roof and wheel arches!

This car is still owned by J.Pietarila, but also our family’s enthusiasm for British cars has its roots, especially with Mini. My great uncle Antti once worked as a mechanic for Rally Legend Timo Mäkinen and also competed on gravel and track himself. When Timo Mäkinen drove Finland’s first Monte Carlo victories with the Mini, everyone had to get their own Mini, respecting the example. Literally everyone in our family had a Mini at some point.

An exceptionally small but exceptionally big car. Few cars have such a wonderful history in both everyday life and motorsports. A great opportunity to experience the joy of driving with reasonable money!

This car is located in Tampere, 2 hours from Helsinki–Vantaa Airport. Views by appointment.

Worldwide shipping with generous rates.

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