Porsche 911 2.2 T Targa ’1971

Perfect Matching Numbers and colors
VIN: 9111110581
Engine: 911/03/6110814
Transmission: 911/01/7112305
Color: 8410 / Metallic Blue
Interior Trim: Leatherette Black
Classic Data inspection certificate, grade 2
Porsche certificate
Odometer 80 000 km’s
Perfect ownership history in Finland
Sold to Tampere, Finland

“The Targa combines the romance of a roadster with the practicality of the hard-top coupe. There is no car like a Porsche. And there is no Porsche like a Targa.”, advertised Porsche in early 70’s.

This 911 2.2 T Targa ‘1971 is perfect Matching Numbers and colors car with special history. The car has been sold as new from Porsche dealer Frankfurt, Glöckler in October 1970. The car has been imported to Sweden almost as new. Mr. Pihlajaniemi who lived in Sweden in 1980’s, bought it from Göteborg, Sweden in mid 1980’s. He imported the Porsche to Finland as a moving car from Sweden already in 1989. In 1999 Mr. Pihlajaniemi sold the car to his sister’s husband, whose purpose was to restore the car to first-class condition, but the car remained standing in the garage.

The car had to wait to get back to the road until 2017, when new Porsche enthusiast owner took the car for comprehensive restoration. The body were refurbished and finished with the original metallic blue color. Seats were reupholstered with original black leather materials and with original shapes. The original engine and carburettors were opened and overhauled. Brakes were refurbished and exhaust was renewed. Comprehensive Classic Data Inspection has been done after restoration and certificate is finished with grade 2.

The odometer shows only 80 000 kilometres and after high quality restoration it looks stunning and feels magnificent to drive in all speeds. Dashboard and all instruments are in excellent original condition giving the very authentic feel when You are behind the wheel.

The car was serviced in 06/2021 and ready to drive (Mot/Tüv until 06/2022). The car simply runs and drives perfectly and is a real joy to drive, with or without the roof.

Located in Helsinki, Finland. Worldwide shipping with generous rates.

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