Range Rover 3.5 Efi Vogue Aut ‘1988

One owner 1988–2020
129 000 km’s
Original, first factory Alaskan Blue paint, Grey Velour interior.
Original 3.5 Efi engine (refursbished in 2020)
ZF 4-speed Automatic with differential lock
All original documents: Service book and instruction manuals, warranty paper
 Sold to California, United States

In April 1988, my father sold a new Alaskan Blue Range Rover from Land Rover Dealer Autorep to Mr. M. Hoikkala in Kuusamo, Northern Finland. The 1973 Range Rover, which had served the Hoikkala family for a long time, entered the car dealership in the barter trade.

‘1988 Range Rover was used by the Hoikkala family from spring 1988 until summer 2020, when we bought it. The car had been kept in an exemplary manner. It was serviced and washed regularly and stored in a dry garage. In recent years, the car had been driven mainly in the autumn to the berry woods, which explains the small total number of trips.

The car has barely been driven in the winter and is in excellent, original condition with its body and chassis. One explanation for the car’s rust-freeness is also the use of the car in northern Finland, where the roads are rarely salted. The car has also got rust-proof as new. The car has never been welded or painted and there is still not any rust issues. Even very typical Range Rover Classic rust spots such as the rear cross member of the chassis and the tailgates are in their original, rust-free condition.

The car’s original first Alaskan Blue factory paintwork and gray velour upholstery are also in impressive, good original condition. The roof upholstery was renewed in autumn 2020.

The car’s engine was refurbished in the autumn of 2020: Hydraulic valve lifters, camshaft, camchain and water pump were renewed. The car’s engine runs smooth and beautifully and works perfectly.

The car can almost always be restored to its original splendor, but in a history similar to that of a well-preserved original, it rarely meets – the car is the most impressive original 1980s Range Rover Efi we have ever met in Finland. The car’s refurbished, original engine makes driving this Range Rover a wonderful and unique experience.

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