Rover 100 P4 ‘1961 653100138
First registration 1961.
Inline six engine with SU carburettor,
four-speed manual transmission
Dark blue / silver
Gray leather upholstery
History known
Registered as a historic vehicle, inspected 03/2023
12 800 €

On September 28, 1949, at the London Motor Show, Rover presented the new P4 generation with 75 model, named after the horsepower. New P4, saloon for the upper middle class, was designed by Gordon Bashford and ideas was borrow e.g. across the oceans from Studebakers. Pontoon designed car looked very modern comparing to the earlier, boxy P3. The bonnet, tailgate and doors of the body were aluminum and the body was designed for a separate chassis. The power source was Rover’s own straight engine, with a displacement of 2.1 liters.

In the 1950s, Rover’s successful P4 generation underwent many improvements and several different model versions were introduced, which were also named in the languages of top performance. The gear selector moved from the steering column to a floor mounted model, the brakes became hydraulic and disc brakes came to the front. The engine’s displacement increased up to 2.6 liters, and there were also versions with the 2.0-liter, four-cylinder mixed-valve engines familiar from Land Rovers and the 2.3-liter versions with overhead valves.

This car is a 1961 Rover 100 P4, equipped with a four-speed manual transmission. K.Linnavuori of Karaasi, Specialized  in British cars since 1970’s, remembers seeing the car often parked in Töölö, Helsinki in the 1960s. The car ended up in Linnavuori at the end of the 1970s, and the Rover was restored for the customer. However, the customer decided to leave the restoration of the car unfinished and the car remained standing unused for a long time.

In 2001, L.Staffans bought the car as a gift for his father-in-law. The car underwent a complete engine overhaul, the gearbox was restored and the body was restored and painted. The car was completed in 2003 and the car is still owned by the same family.

In 2023, the car was comprehesively serviced and refurbished in Karaasi:

The Rover’s ignition parts have been renewed and CSI’s electronic ignition has been installed in the car. The engine oil and filter have been changed and the chassis oil checked. The brakes have been renovated, the brake cylinder renewed and the brake fluids changed. Wheel bearings and grease nipples serviced.

The Rover has an electric power steering, thanks to which the handling of the car is effortless. The engine runs really smoothly and the gearbox and controls work properly.

The car is registered as a museum vehicle and inspected in March 2023. Next inspection in spring 2027.

A really nice and well mannered Rover P4, ready to enjoy.

Located in Espoo, Finland. Please note, views by appointment only.

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