Rover P6 3500 V8 ‘1972

Chassis no. 45402714C
3.5 liter V8 petrol engine with two SU HS6 carburetors
Automatic transmission
Cameron Green, beige leather upholstery
99,000 km
History known.
Registered as a museum vehicle. Inspection valid until 05/2026.
Just serviced.
– Sold to Prague, Czech Republic –

Designed for the upper middle class as a family saloon, the Rover began to look for a successor for the Rover P4 in the mid-1950s. Rover had already decided to create a bigger flagship car, and in 1958 the P5 series was introduced. However, the British car manufacturer wanted to reach a larger target group, such as young families, with a sporty and luxurious saloon. The new project of Rover included already succeed names such as Robert Boyle, Peter Bashford and  e.g. Spencer King, later known as the father of the Range Rover. Also Peter Wilks from Wilks family that was the head of Rover of that time, was involved.

In October 1963, Rover’s new CEO William Martin-Hurst introduced the P6 at the Earls Court Motor Show. The new car model was presented with a four-cylinder petrol engine, and the model name was Rover 2000. David Bache, who designed the shapes and body of car, had taken influences from, for example, the Citroen DS, and the body was modern and sporty. Influences from France were also sought in terms of comfort. Special attention was paid to the suspension – the De Dion suspension on the rear axle was both sporty and comfortable.

The end result was unique and successful. The Rover P6 was chosen as the first ever Car of the Year in 1964.

The engine range was completed with a slightly more powerful four and Rover’s V8 – the twin carburetor 2200 TC and 3500 V8 were introduced in 1968.

This car in question was sold new in Holland and first registered in December 1972. In Finland, the car was registered in 2008 and in Finland it has had two private owners – First P.Brummer 2008–2017 and later E.Vattulainen 2017–2023.

The car was thoroughly restored in Holland in the early 2000s. The body has been re-painted in Rover’s Cameron green shade and the interior has been reupholstered in the original materials and shades, including the seats and floor mats. Rover has also been taken mechanically care of, and wearing parts have been renewed during annual maintenances.

The car still gives an aristocratic ride, the Rover’s V8 burples sophisticatedly and the power of V8 is still there. The automatic transmission works precisely, including kickdown. The car has had periodic maintenance done in the spring of 2023, where the engine oil and filter have been changed and the battery has been renewed.

The Rover is registered as a museum vehicle. The Mot/Tüv inspection is valid until 05/2026.

The car is located in Vantaa, 25 minutes from Helsinki–Vantaa Airport. Views by appointment only.

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