Triumph TR6 2.5 Injection ‘1974 CR57100
2,5 litre inline six engine with electronic injection
Magenta Lilac, Black leather interior, Motolita – wooden steering wheel
Same owner for 23 years since 1999.
Fresh Mot / Tüv inspection valid until 07/2024.
– Sold to Jersey, UK –

In early 50’s Sir John Black, who worked as a chairman of Standard-Triumph, decided that the Triumph would need a proper open sports car to compete with Morgan that Triumph was tried to buy. Sir Black gave a tight budget for Triumph and Triumph used existing chassis, suspension and inexpensive bodywork to built the first concept car of TR series Triumph. Target was to reach at least 90 mph top speed.

Triumph TR1 (20TS) was introduced in London Motorshow in 1952. As a result the 20 TS deservedly garnered praise about the design of front of the car and potentiality to be fast sports car. The interior of the car and the design of the rear, on the other hand, require a lot of development work. Triumph hired the British Racing Motors test driver Ken Richardson to test drive and develop the car further. The beginning of one of Great Britain’s greatest sports car stories was born.

The TR2 was introduced in 1953 Geneva Motorshown and followed by TR3 in 1955 and TR3A with new 2.2 litre four cylinder engine and disc brakes in 1957. In 1961 totally new designed TR4 by Giovanni Michelotti was introduced and 1965 it was upgraded with independent rear suspension.

In 1967 the TR -series got one of its greatest improvements when it finally got the 2.5 liter inline six engine. TR4 bodied car was offered for US market with two Stromberg carburettors and for other markets there was available TR5 with Lucas fuel injection. Again the next model was developed further based on the earlier ones. In 1968 Karmann redesigned the front end and rear end of the Michelotti’s TR body and the last model based to the very first TR-series, Triumph TR6 was born.

This late, 01.08.1974 registered Triumph TR6 was sold as new to the home market, United Kingdom. In 1999 Finnish T. Luukkala was living in Great Britain and bought it from TR Workshop, based in Cirencester. The car was updated with new, original Triumph 2.5 litre letaofree engine and the body was recently repainted with its original Magenta Lilac.

Luukkala has now owned the car for 23 years and taken good care of it. Simply everything, including spare parts and services made, have been carefully documented in file since the car has been bought from UK. Last year the headgasket was renewed, all the brakes renewed and recently the seats have been renewed.

The car bodywork is still in very presentative condition, even the paintwork is almost 30 years old and it has off course small marks of use.

The car’s engine runs smooth and pulls great, and the gearbox including the original electronic overdrive works exactly and precisely.

The car has valid Mot/Tüv inspection until 07 / 2024 and it is ready to be enjoyed.

The car is located in Vihti, 50 minutes from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Presentations by agreement.

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