VW Typ 1 “Beetle” 1300 ‘1966

Chassisnr. 116768534
First registration in 2.6.1966
Pearl White, brown cloth interior
History known, 3 long term ownerships until 2022
Serviced and adjusted 10/2022
Registered as a historic vehicle. Mot/Tüv inspection done in 05/2022, valid until 05/2026
Original  Finnish owners handbook and service book
– Sold –

The Volkswagen Typ 1, or “Beetle”, originated at the opening of the 1934 Berlin Motor Show. Adolf Hitler wanted to offer the Germans an affordable car model that ordinary citizens could afford. The goal was to increase number of cars on German roads. The criteria was that the car had to fit a family of five, and that the car could handle 30-degree hills and highways at a speed of one hundred kilometers per hour. The car had to also withstand winter conditions and the consumption had to be no more than eight liters per hundred kilometers. A family car that enables all this should cost no more than a thousand reichsmarkts.

The task was taken on by the Austrian Ferdinand Porsche, who had experience in the design of NSU and Zündapp, among others. For the first ever Volkswagen, Porsche stole influences and technical innovations especially from the Czechoslovak Tatra, whose production stopped after the German occupation of the Czechoslovakian Sudetenland in 1938. The same year, the production of the Volkswagen Typ 1 began.

The Beetle became a success. In addition to its design, its characteristic features include a base plate with a separate body, a four-cylinder and four-stroke, air-cooled boxer engine. The suspension was implemented with torsion bars.

The rear-mounted engine and large 15-inch wheels for the era made the Beetle as a good car to drive also in the snow. Introduced under the name Kansanauto, the family car also became popular in Finland, where Beetles were imported from 1950. Also in Finland, 48 Beetles were assembled in Heinola at the Wihuri factory.

This Typ 1 Volskwagen, sold as new in Finland, is a 1300 cc engined “thin A-pillar -car”. The car was first registered on the second day of June 1966. History known since 1975, the car has been owned by the same owner until 2008. The 1966 car was already equipped with a 1280 cubic meter engine, and this particular car was also equipped with a Volkswagen’s original gasoline-powered heating unit.

The color of the car is its original Pearl White. The body of the car is neat and the surfaces also have traces of use and the patina of time, adding to the charisma of the old Volkswagen.

The interior has the original brown fabric upholstery. The upholstery of the front seats is worn and frayed. The car has a complete set of VW’s original black vinyl seat covers, which are installed on the front seats in the pictures.

The Beetle works great and is easy and effortless to drive. The engine was thoroughly serviced in October 2022: Carburetor, engine valves and ignition adjusted, engine oil changed and spark plugs renewed.

The car is registered as a museum vehicle. Inspected in May 2022, next inspection in 2026.

Vw is located in Vantaa, 30 minutes from Helsinki-Vantaa airport. Views by appointment only.

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