Volkswagen Typ 2 T1 Kleinbus ‘1969

Chassis nr. B9173365
Titian Red & Cream White two-tone colour
Light beige vinyl interior
Restoration completed in Sweden in 2019.
Registered as a historic vehicle, valid 07/2025.
49 800 €

Ben Pon, the Dutch importer of Volkswagen, visited the Wolfsburg factory in 1947 and paid special attention to the Plattenvagen – car parts transporter carry built on the VW Typ 1 Beetle platform. Already in the same spring, Ben Pon designed a van on Beetle’s platform.

However, the base plate of the Beetle turned out to be too weak in terms of bearing capacity, and Volkswagen’s next prototype was designed for the wheelbase of the Beetle, but the body was mounted on a ladder frame. As many parts and technology as possible were used from Beetle. The design of the prototypes was developed in a wind tunnel and the car got a recognizable V-bow. In December 1949, the factory produced the first Type 2 Volkswagens: Kombi models with two rows of seats and Commercial vans. In 1950, the Typ 2 Microbus was introduced, with seats for up to eight.

The displacement of the rear-mounted engine increased from 1100 cc first to 1200 cc and in 1962 to 1500 cubic meters. The first T1 generation Typ 2 Volkswagen was produced in West Germany, Australia, South Africa and Brazil, where production ended only in 1975.

The restoration of this ‘1969 T1 Kleinbus has been completed in Sweden in 2019. The restoration has included body restoration and painting of the body with the original Titian Red red and cream white shades. The engine is already bigger with 1500 cubic meters and it has also been thoroughly restored. The engine runs and works perfectly.

The light beige vinyl interior has been restored with original materials. The steering wheel and dashboard with gauges are in original condition.

The car was brought to Finland in the summer of 2021. The Kleinbus is registered as a historic vehicle and its Mot/Tüv inspection is valid until 07/2025.

A wonderful Kleinbus, restored with respect to the originality, ready for up to 8 people to enjoy.

VW is located in Somero, 1,5 hour from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Views by appointment.

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