Volvo 142 S ‘1973 14213417336844
B20, 1999 cm2 engine, about 165 hp
Gear ratios made for competition use, differential lock
Built in Sweden and Finland 2015-2018
FIA passport valid until 31 December 2026 (Period H1 1972-1975) & GRP 2
Inspection card for group F
Mot/Tüv inspected 10/2022, valid until 10/2024.
– Sold to Gironde, France –

Volvo introduced the 140 series in 1966 as the successor to the legendary Amazon. The model number indicated the number of engine cylinders and body doors, so the 142 that entered the market in 1967 had four cylinders and two doors.

Markku Alén and Hannu Mikkola are some of the Finnish rally legends raced with Volvo 142. Alén finished third in the 1972 Jyväskylän Suurajot with a Volvo and continued to RAC rallies for the first time.

The 1973 Volvo 142 S in question was first registered in Sweden on November 6, 1972. Volvo was rebuilt  as a rally car in Sweden in 2015. The car was built by Matti Tarkki and in Finland developed further by Kari Aittomaa in 2016-2018.

The Volvo has the Volvo’s original, tuned up B20 engine, which produces about 165 horsepower. The gear ratios are customized for rally use and the car has a differential lock. The price includes all the needed equipment of the racing car, such as seats, belts, wheels with summer tires for public roads & winter tires, fire extinguisher, inspection equipment and trip meter.

Volvo has participated in demonstrative rallies and driven about 10 winter rallies in Finland.

The FIA passport is valid until the end of 2026 (Period H1 1972 to 1975, Class CT24) Grp2). The car has an inspection card for group F. Volvo has been inspected for road traffic in October 2022, valid until 10/2024.

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Volvo is located in Vantaa, Finland – 25 minutes from Helsinki–Vantaa Airport. Views by appointment only.

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