Honda CB 750 Four K7 ‘1977 CB750K-2733000
Original 4-cylinder fourstroke engine, electric start, hydraulic disc brake in front.
First registration in 22.03.1978.
History documented since new, 3 owners. Current owner since 2004.
All original documents including the very first proforma invoice and certificate of the warranty. Original instruction manual.
Registered as a historic vehicle.
– 7500 € –

In 1969, Honda introduced a motorcycle that is often cited as the most significant bike of modern motorcycles: the Honda CB750 Four. The four-cylinder engine was advanced and powerful, with which the bike reached a top speed of 193 kilometres per hour. The speed control was also modern: there was an efficient, hydraulic disc brake in front. The sophisticated bike was started with an electric start. A landmark motorcycle that started the competitive market of production superbikes.

In Finland, Honda was imported by Oy Otto Brandt Ab on Meritullinkatu in Helsinki. Honda got the nickname “Tuutti” from the mouth of Brandt’s mechanic, referring to the bike’s Swedish model name, which tells about the stroke volume. According to many stories, the name also came from Honda’s ice cream cone-shaped exhaust pipes. Tuutti-Honda became really popular, not least because of its excellent driving characteristics: The riding position is upright, natural and spacious and the bike is easy to handle. The center of gravity is very low and at least adequate power resources are accompanied by suitably brutal exhaust sounds.

This year model 1977, i.e. K7 series Honda CB 750, was bought new by Usko Tsokkinen from the official Honda dealer, Pyynikin Autovaruste. Tsokkinen kept Tuutti for more than 20 years until the end of 1998. The next owner, Reijo Mäkipää, bought the bike in 1998 and registered it as a historic vehicle in 2003. The museum-registered Tuutti was bought by the current owner, J. Pietarila, in 2004.

Since 1978, the bike has been ridden a total of 68,630 kilometers. The Honda has been serviced regularly, but is still in completely original, unrestored condition. The bike runs, runs and works as the Japanese engineer has designed it. The original dark brown paint is in amazingly good condition and the chrome parts are bright and shiny. The lights, indicators and switches are also original and intact.

When the Bike came to J. Pietarila, the Krause’s wind protection cover and bag set, purchased as original accessories were attached to the Bike. Them are still remained and including in the deal.

The motorcycle documentation is thorough. Original pre-order form / proforma invoice, warranty certificate all from 1978, inclusive. The original instruction manual, brochure, repair manual and magazine articles about Tuutti are also neatly preserved.

A truly wonderful, unrestored time capsule for the 1970s.

Tuutti-Honda is located in Tampere, 2 hours from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Views by appointment.

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