Jaguar E-type S3 2+2 ’1972

Chassis nr. 1S73014
First registration in 1972. Imported and registered in Finland in 2011.
5.0 liter “Windsor” 302 (Ford) V8 engine with Edelbrock
Automatic transmission
Dark Blue with Red leather interior
Mot/Tüv Inspection valid until 04/2024.

In March 1961, Jaguar presented a sports car at the Geneva Motor Show, which changed the automotive world forever. The new E-Type (XK-E in the US) was based on the Jaguar D-Type racing car that had won Le Mans three years consecutively from 1955 to 1957. The advanced sports car grand tourer was built on a monocoque body and an engine subframe, thanks to which it only weighed a little over 1300 kilograms. The modern sports car was equipped with disc brakes and independent front and rear suspension. Designed for street use, the Jaguar E-type was the successor to the Jaguar XK 150, whose racing car version, the C-Type, was also succeed at Le Mans.

The car became an immediate success and the annual production was filled with order books in no time. Enzo Ferrari titled the E-Type the most beautiful car in the world and the car was produced for three model series until 1974.

The E-Type Series 3 was introduced in 1971. Both the body and the engine were totally new. The short wheelbase Fixed Head Coupe was dropped and the E-Type was now available only as a Open Two Seater and 2+2 Coupe. The S3 E-Type is identified from the other E-Types with the large cross-slatted front grille, extended wheelarches and wheels with low-profile tyres. Even when new body was bigger to almost every directions, the car weight was only 39 kg’s more than six-cylinder engine E-Types.

Third series E-type was equipped with uprated brakes and the power steering was now a standard equipment. An automatic transmission, air conditioning and wire wheels were available as a new options.

The third Series E-Type was delivered with smoothness and sophistication with new 5.3 litre Jaguar V12 with four Zenith carburettors that was often chosen together with automatic transmission. More than road racer, the E-Type was now luxury grand tourer that was available to do the 0-60 mph with less than seven seconds.

However, the V12 was both very thirsty and also demanding and challenging engine to maintain and keep on road. This car is equipped with 5.0 litre “Windsor” 302 V8 and automatic transmission. The V8 burble suits perfectly to the luxury grand tourer and the car is very easy and effortless to drive and it works simply great. V8 runs smooth and the automatic gearbox changes correctly.

The Dark Blue E-Type S3 2+2 coupe was imported to Finland in 2011 and the history since then is well known and available. The car is in presentative condition both inside and outside. Small patina and marks of use as the car has been enjoyed and driven every summer.

Very unique and totally ready to drive E-type with fresh Mot/Tüv inspection valid until 2024.

The car is located in Salo, Finland. About one hour drive from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport.

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