Jaguar MKII 2.4 litre manual ’1966

Jaguar MK II 2.4 liter ’1966
Sold as a new one in Finland. First registered in 1966.
In the same family for the last 24 years. History known.
Chassis/Serial nr. 128060
Gun Metal Gray -metallic color
Gray leather upholstery with hardwood
Restored in late 90’s / early 2000’s and museum registered in 2007. Major maintenance done in Grips Garage 2019.
– Sold to Turku, Finland –

Led by Sir William Lyons, a revolutionary car was born in Coventry, UK in the late 1950s: the Jaguar MKII. The car was advanced, with a unibody and disc brakes. Particular attention had been paid to the car’s silence, vibration damping and a comfortable but sporty suspension. As the Jaguars motto, launched first time with MKII said: “Grace, Space, Pace”.

The end result was a luxurious and sporty large mid-size sedan. A representative car the kind of bank robbers stole as an escape car. And a capable four-door sport saloon that succeeded also as a racing car the kind that German competitors like BMW and Mercedes could only dream of at the time.

In the 1950s and 1960s, post war in Finland, the Jaguar really was a luxury for a few. This car has only been in three families since the new. Jaguar was sold to Finland as a new one in 1966 and the first owner was Professor Väisälä. In the 1990s, Heikki Virtanen from Helsinki, bought a car from his friend Hannu Mustonen, and today the car is owned by Heikki Virtanen’s son Otso Virtanen.

The car was restored at the turn of the 1990s and 2000s and was inspected and registered as a historic vehicle in 2007. The car has been refurbished and serviced by Jaguar specialized garages over the years and is in very good body and technical condition. Recently e.g. the brakes and carburettors have been refurbished, and the engine-, transmission-, and differential oils, as well as the fuel filter and pressure equalizer, have all been renewed.

The body is very neat and in very good condition also from below and the Gun Metal Gray paint surface is in great condition. Aristocratic style is complemented by chrome-plated Wire wheels with white side period correct classic car tires.

The car’s original 2.4-liter inline six runs silky smooth. The transmission works precisely and the car is a real pleasure to drive.

The car was Mot/Tüv inspected in May 2022 and the next inspection is in 2026. A really great Jaguar ready to enjoy.

The car can be seen in Espoo by appointment. Worldwide shipping with generous rates.