Land Rover Defender 90 Td5 Soft Top ‘2004 SALLDVA584A676901
First registration in 08.06.2004
Bonatti Grey metallic color with Sand Khaki soft top hood
One owner 2005–2021
Only 100 000 km’s
Comprehensively refurbished and rebuilt 2021–2022
– Sold to Helsinki, Finland –

Rare and original Land Rover Defender 90 TD5 Soft Top.

Land Rover that You can transfer a full convertible in a flash! The soft top roof is completely detachable, including all the support sticks.

The car has been sold as a new one to Finland from the official Land Rover dealer of Finland and registered on 08.06.2004. To our knowledge, there is only few original Defender TD5 90 Soft Top officially sold to Finland as new.

The beginning of the story of the rare car was a little unfortunate, and the car was accidentally damaged as new. However, the Defender was accurately and thoroughly repaired, even the body was replaced with a completely new original and the car was inspected and re-registered. The car has been owned by one long-term owner from 2005 to 2021.

During 2021 and 2022, the car has been thoroughly refurbished and equipped:

The soft top hood was renewed with Land Rover’s original NOS Sand Khaki hood. The car’s springs and shock absorbers were renewed with the Raptor’s 2 ” lift.  The car’s brake discs and pads have been renewed. The body was finished with new wheel arches, light surroundings and a grill.

Defender is ready for overlanding: Sturdy Warn electric winch and steering armor. The car has a snorkel and new Wolf wheels with 255/85/16 All Terrain tires.

The new owner will receive the Land Rover with fresh MOT/Tüv inspection done and serviced: Engine oils with filters, transmission oils, transfer case oils, and differential oils, coolant, brake fluid, and fuel filter all replaced.

The car is in both excellent and rust-free condition and the body is really upright and rust-free. The engine and transmission work perfectly and the car is really fun to drive, with or without Soft top.

Defender is located in warm storage in Helsinki. Views by appointment.

Exchange and Financing Opportunity.

Worldwide shipping with generous rates.

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