Mercedes-Benz G 300 GD ‘1985

Chassis. nr 46033317039549
All original documents including service book and instruction manuals
OM617 Straight 5, 3.0 liter engine with STT turbo
9 -seater
Carmine Red with original Check interior
SOLD to Läyliäinen, Finland

The legendary G-Class was originally developed for military use and introduced as civilian version in 1979. The original Gelände-Wagen -project was started from a suggestion of the Shah of Iran, who was at the time one of the most significant Mercedes-Benz shareholders. Developed and manufactured together with Steyer-Daimler Puch and sold by Mercedes-Benz, it has become one of the most iconic 4×4 -vehicles during past over 40 years. And when it comes to design and purpose, it is still definitely together with Porsche 911, the one of the most loyal car to its original heritage from Stuttgart.

The very first W460 -series G 300 GD is same time very simple and agricultural as very smooth and refined to drive. This exceptionally original and rare ‘1985 9-seater G 300 GD was originally sold to Norway. At a very early stage the original N.D engine was upgraded with STT turbocharger that enable the comfort drive also at the highway speeds. With original differential locks it is capable also when You take it off road.

The original check interior is still in impressive shape and the body has been refurbished and finished with the original Carmine Red colour.

In this condition this 9-seater G-wagen is very rare and collectable thing, that You can enjoy with 8 other.