Morris Mini 1275 ’1977

MK IV, Chassis number XL2S1N-432631A
1275 cc with SU carburetor
Old English white with black roof
Fresh Mot/Tüv inspection done 12/2020 and service done in 04/2021.
SOLD to Helsinki, Finland

Fast, beautiful and agile, the original Mini!

This classically beautiful Mini is a real driving pleasure and fun at its best. Equipped with a Su carburetor and suitably tuned, the 1275cc engine is perky and lively. The car is surely fast enough to drive and the engine pulls nicely through the rev range. Sporty suspension encourages you to enjoy the curves of the landscape.

The body was refurbished some years ago and is still in great condition. There are no rust problems. Stylish and classic color combination: Old English White and black roof!

The car has left the factory as a Morris Mini 1000, but it has been built with respect for originality as a classical and stylish street racer. Everything is in very good and healthy working order: Lights, heater, engine. Brakes have been renewed recently.

Although our company is specialized in Land Rovers, our entire family’s enthusiasm for British cars has its roots, especially with Mini. My great uncle Antti worked as a mechanic for Rally Legend Timo Mäkinen and also competed on gravel and track himself. When Timo Mäkinen drove Finland’s first Monte Carlo victories with the Mini, everyone had to get their own Mini, respecting the example. Literally everyone in our family had a Mini at some point.

An exceptionally small but exceptionally big car. Few cars have such a wonderful history in both everyday life and motorsports. A great opportunity to experience the joy of driving with reasonable money!

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