Range Rover Suffix C ‘1974

Chassis number 35806814C
3.5 V8 Carburettor engine
4-speed manual gearbox
Lincoln Green, Palomino Interior
Two owners 1974–2019
All original documents: Service book, warranty documents, Finnish instruction booklet and English Range Rover Owners Manual
-SOLD to milan, italy-

The Range Rover Suffix C was sold new on 19.09.1974 at Autoliike Vanhanen in Rovaniemi, Lapland and it was one of 183 Range Rovers sold to Finland in 1974. The first owner was a bookstore entrepreneur, Mr. Hyvärinen, from Ivalo, Lapland. At that time, license plates also referred to the region where the car was first registered. The car still has its original registration number LAU-535 from that time. The car was serviced for a long time in the same shop in Rovaniemi, from where it was sold new. All original documents of the car are preserved.

The car was owned by the Hyvärinen family for 28 years until 2002, when it was bought by Mr. Snäll from Helsinki. The car’s engine was completely refurbished in the mid-2000s and the car was regularly enjoyed and taken care of by the Land Rover Service in Helsinki.

During 2018 and 2019, the car was comprehensively refurbished with respect to its original character: carburetors were serviced and the original ignition system was refurbished. The car’s exhaust system was renewed. The car chassis was sandblasted and the body was refurbished. The chassis and the body were rust protected and the car painted in its original Lincoln Green color. The interior of the car and the headlining were upholstered in original Palomino shades. The car mats, door panels and tools are original. The car is in extraordinary original condition and has a little, decent amount of patina which adds to its charm. The chassis and body of the car have remained in good condition over the years because the car has largely been in Lapland where the roads are rarely salted.

The car’s engine is very healthy and feels good and runs fine. The car is easy to drive and the Range Rover’s power steering makes driving comfortable. The car also has its original Pioneer KEH 4020 player.

Range Rover Suffix C was manufactured for only a short period from its release in late 1973 to Spring 1975, when the Suffix D was introduced. Suffix C already featured many enhancements, but it was also the last Range Rover with the first generation Palomino seats. A rare and exquisite collectible item that is ready to be driven and enjoyed.

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