Range Rover Suffix F ’1979

British Motor Industry Heritage Trust Certificate of Authenticity:
Chassis Nr. 3589005F
Date of Build 27 June 1979
Date of Despatch 8 August 1979
Destination ( Dealer ) Oy Suomen Autoteollisuus A.B., Helsinki, Finland
Label (line) number 792, Key numbers FS.895, NH.2135
First registered on September 1981
Sahara Dust – body color
Brushed Bronze Nylon interior
Two long-term ownerships
93,800 kilometers
Perfect service history, original service and instruction manuals
– Sold to Berlin, Germany –

This ‘1979 Range Rover was imported to Finland as new one by official Finnish Land Rover dealer Sisu Auto. At that time, Sisu Auto used to haul new cars to Finland as many as possible and this car was first time registered as late as in September 1981. The first private owner was Mr. U.K. Seppäläinen, who lived in Espoo and kept the car for almost 20 years.

In 2002, the car was purchased by Mr. Y. Sahanne. The previous owner had serviced the car regularly at official Land Rover services and just before his death had thoroughly serviced and refurbished the car in good original condition. The car had only been driven 72,000 kilometers at the time and, according to Y. Sahanne, it was “like new”. The car moved with its new owner to Lapland, Finland.

Sahanne appreciated the great condition and originality of the car and continued to take care of it. The car was stored in a garage and serviced regularly. The car was driven only a few times a year and the kilometers accumulated in Sahanne during almost 20 years of ownership only a little over 20,000 kilometers. And in Lapland where the roads are not salted.

Since new, the car has been serviced annually or every few thousand kilometers! The original documents, the complete service manual and the owner’s manual are preserved.

We have refurbished the car with respect for its exceptionally excellent original condition. Minor mistakes in the body have been repaired and the car has been finished in its original Sahara Dust shade. The bumpers, wheels, grill and light surroundings are also painted in original tones. Chassis and body underneath have been rust protected with period correct rust protection wax.

The car’s original interior has been refurbished, defective panels and roof trim have been renewed with original materials.

The car has just been serviced, the engine oils, transferbox oils, transmission oils and differential oils have all been changed. Ignition parts have recently been renewed and brakes refurbished.

The car’s original Rover V8 engine runs wonderfully smoothly and both torque and power of the engine feels very perky. The transmission and all controls work flawlessly and the car is easy and effortless to drive. The car is in technically excellent condition and gorgeous in terms of bodywork, original interior as well as underneath.

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