Range Rover 3.9 Efi Vogue aut. ’1992

First registration in 30.09.1992
Chassis number SALLHAMM4HA483320
Roman Bronze -mitallic color
Brown Velor -trim interior
3 owners, the last one 2010-2011
217 000 km’s
Original service and instruction manuals
Sold to Doenrade, Netherlands

In 1992, two Roman Bronze Range Rover Vogue’s were sold as new to Finland. The registration codes were AFV-220 and AFV-221. Long time ago, the AFV-220 was my first Range Rover personally. Now it’s the turn of the siblings better preserved AFV-221.

The car was sold as a new from Land Rover’s then official importer, Autorep Oy in Helsinki’s Lauttasaari. The first owner was Bang & Bonsomer Company, which owned the car until 2003. The next owner was Land Rover enthusiast  J.Liukkonen / Lohjan Laatuautot until 2010. The last long-term owner, R. Westerberg, bought the car in 2010 and used it as summer car until 2021. In 2021 we sold Range Rover to collector S.Henkola who is now making space for new purchases.

The car has been taken special good care of. It has been serviced regularly by Land Rover specialists. The body and chassis are also rust-protected on a regular basis and thus have remained in excellent condition. The typical weak points of the Range Rover body have just been carefully refurbished. The car is very presentable and tidy to look at.

The original documents of the car, the owner’s manual and the service manual exists.

During the last 10,000 km’s, in addition to annual scheduled maintenance, e.g. ignition parts, ie spark plugs and distributor parts, whole power steering system and exhaust system. The car has just undergone periodic maintenance, with the differential- , gearbox-, transfer case- and engine oils all changed.

The car’s engine and transmission work great, the Rover V8 runs beautifully and its torque feels wonderfull. In a dignified original Range Rover cabin, traveling in brown Velor seats feels special.

The car was inspected (Mot / Tüv) on September 2021 and is ready to drive and enjoy.

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